AMC ZeoFeed Used in the Poultry

  • AMC ZeoFeed used in the poultry feed mixture preserves the fodder from damage for a long time. It is added directly to feed mixtures with 10-20 kg ZeoFarm per ton of feed.
  • AMC ZeoFeed used to improve the quality of eggs (thick crust is difficult to break and larger size and more) and increase the production of eggs 15% and reduce the consumption of feed by 20%.
  • AMC ZeoFeed increases the weight and size of the bird when adding 7-8% zeolite for fodder leads to an increase in the weight of birds 15-20% for the same period of time.
  • Granular AMC ZeoFeed is used to clean the hides without using water.
  • AMC ZeoFeed used in the skimmer absorbs odors from them.
  • AMC ZeoFeed mixed with bird and animal droppings can be used to convert it into highly efficient fertilizers and in a very short period of time.