Sport Fields Usage

Sport Fields Usage

A dense natural sport field suffers minor damage from the game activity, even in difficult climatic periods: rainy winter seasons and hot summers.

Athletic fields must have the appropriate hardness and traction to enable best ball bounce and roll. They need to optimize the adherence of the player’s foot on the ground to prevent injuries and promote playability. This is achieved only with a dense, uniform grass cover.

Building and maintaining a natural turf sports field means providing the maximum use of the facility for football, rugby and events such as concerts.

Herbatech products can help to achieve these goals. Our soil amendments, fertilizers and chemicals, produce secure and easy to manage turf surfaces.

Prior to selecting fertilizers or seeds is mainly on the agronomic quality of the soil that we focus our attention. For this, we have developed a range of specific soil amendments for sport courses, using an extraordinary and unique ingredient: the AMC Zeolite is a volcanic mineral with high Cation Exchange Capacity, able to selectively retain nitrogen and potassium inside its crystal structure, exchanging them to turf roots.

AMC Zeolite based soil improvers are specifically designed for the construction and maintenance ( aeration and top-dressing ) of golf turfgrass areas, thus ensuring, on a permanent basis, a “Dolce Vita” for the roots of our plants.


  • Improvers of soil phisics: water retention, porosity, oxigenation
  • Improvers of soil chemistry: high CEC, high nutrient NPK retention
  • Improvers of soil biology: hide microorganisms inside the crystal
  • Excellent carrier of biostimulants to the roots