AMC ZeoFeed Used in Feed Pet Animals

  • Add AMC ZeoFeed by 1% – 2% to animal feed of sheep pens, cows and camels lead to increased weight for the same time period 25 – 40% and reduce the proportion of fat 15%. (8.5 – 10% must be change to 1%-2%)
  • Add AMC ZeoFeed to animal feed preserve the embryos and lead to the birth of twins and increase the weight (fetus) within four months of (1 – 1.4) kg.
  • Feeding animals with AMC ZeoFeed mixtures yields a light-colored meat of calves and sheep and increases milk production by 17%.
  • AMC ZeoFeed is characterized by its high ability to absorb ammonia from waste and excess food in animal pens.
  • Adding AMC ZeoFeed to animal feed reduces the mortality rate, preventing it from infectious ulcer and heart enlargement, reducing the use of antibiotics and reducing the value of drugs used in treatment.