In Amman Mining Company, we strive for excellence in the high quality of the company’s products. As we are aware that leadership is the inevitable outcome of providing the highest level of quality in our products and innovative and practical solutions that are designed to meet difficulties and challenges. Amman Mining takes every precaution to maintain high quality, not contaminated during mining operations. In addition, the company works according to the latest technology in its factories to raise the purity and quality of the product. The quality control team ensures that the production in each stage is in line with the rules and requirements of quality and public safety standards by taking samples of the daily production and each order is analyzed and monitored to provide high quality of natural zeolite in the market.

Amman Mining Company produces various types of natural zeolite ore products from its mines for various agricultural and environmental uses in accordance with the regulation and requirement of the Jordanian standards and the instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture, and Environmental Ministeries approved internationally by international organizations and federations working in this sector.

Amman Mining Company provides high quality packaging operations for its products integrated with the quality of our products. So the company provides certified packaging materials from reliable producers. All products are marked and assembled for easy tracking. Please check our packaging and labeling options here.

Amman Mining Company monitors and complies with legal and other regulatory requirements relating to:

  • Production processes
  • Environmental protection and sustainability.
  • Health and safety of its employees.

Amman Mining Company appreciates feedback and customer complaints to improve its production and services. The application of the system has improved because of the relationship with our suppliers and customers by establishing a two-way communication and mutual trust and understanding. Please do not hesitate to contact us on +962799750310 or email us for any feedback.