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About us.

Amman Mining Company was established in 2019 as a Jordanian limited liability company, based in Amman, Jordan. The company is specialized in producing various products of natural zeolite raw materials, using modern technologies and advanced methods based on scientific bases and rules. In order to serve the interests of our clients from agricultural, industrial institutions, companies and assist in the development of their projects and activities without harming the system of sustainable environment and public health with all its components.

The company’s activities are carried out within the mining sector through the company’s production of the zeolite ore and other ores from its mining sites. The land located in the northeast of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the area of ​​Talol Al-Shahbaa (Al Ashqaf) where the reserves of zeolite ore About 3 million metric tons which are of highest quality specifications on the planet.

The company has huge experience in the marketing sector by targeting the neighboring foreign markets, especially the Gulf markets, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the European markets, United States of America, Canada, North Africa and South America by signing several marketing agreements with several companies  as well as having a marketing arm for the company in many locations.

In spite of the recent establishment of the Amman Mining Company, its staff has long experience in mining, metal processing, research and development and raising the added value of mineral materials through the introduction of production processes.

The manufacturing phase and the concentration of these metallic materials for a sustainable future.

Amman Mining Company has carried out several laboratory and field experiments on the use of natural zeolite in the treatment and purification of wastewater, fish pond water farms, zebar water and the production of catlitter. In cooperation with the University of Jordan in Amman, Hacettepe University and Arge Test Laboratories in Ankara.

AMC  has got the excellent results  which will change the planet by saving water, polluted water, environmental conditions.

AMC obtained excellent results by saving irrigation water, purifying and treating polluted water and improving environmental conditions.