Environmental Uses of AMC Zeolite

Purification of water from harmful metal electrolytes and heavy metals.

  • AMC Zeolite removes nickel, lead, carbon, ammonia, adsorption and absorption of lost and uncontrolled electrolytes in water.
  • Treatment of contaminated industrial wastewater prior to dumping into sewage contaminated soil, ground & surface water.
  • Desalination hard water by cation exchange of the calcium & magnesium elements causing the hard water and replaced with dissolved sodium in water, causing water to soft.

Manufacture filters

  • AMC Zeolite used in the manufacture of water filters and dairy plants for its ability to separate solutions and impurities from the juice and butter materials for dairy.

Radiation protection and nuclear pollution

  • AMC Zeolite metals are considered to be basic materials for the disposal of radioactive and nuclear pollutants, especially when these pollutants seep into the air as a result of nuclear explosions in the atmosphere, or seep into groundwater and rivers as a result of the discharge of nuclear and nuclear contaminants.
  • Radiation pollutants from radioisotopes used in scientific research, hydroelectric power stations and hospitals, some of which leak through the sewage to the public sewer and then to the water bodies.
  • Atomic waste buried in the earth or the deep sea and the resulting harmful radiation such as gamma rays and alpha, which may seep into those wastes, especially when ground movements or explosions in the ground.