Why AMC Zeolite?

We provide the highest quality natural Jordanian zeolite in the world for the following reasons:
There are seventeen reasons why AMC Zeolite is better than any other zeolite.
AMC Zeolite is 100% natural, free from toxic elements and pesticides, it has no negative side effects on plants and any danger or side effects on animal and human health.
AMC Zeolite ore contains natural zeolite minerals in rates ranging from 40-60%.
AMC Zeolite is purer, lighter in weight and multicolored and is found in several degrees of low, medium and high hardness.
• It is characterized by a very high ability to maintain the nutrients necessary for plant growth in the soil and improves the structure, ventilation and performance of the soil.
• It provides about 50% of the plants ’need for irrigation water and increases water retention in the root zone.
AMC Zeolite saves 30-35% of the fertilizers added to the soil.
• It prevents plants from absorbing dangerous heavy metals from the soil.
• Increases plant resistance to drought stress and disease.
• It treats the salinity and disposal of agricultural soils and improves nutritional balance in various types and varieties of soils.
• Continues its activity in agricultural soil for a period of not less than 10 years.
• It increases feed susceptibility to animals by acting as an anti-clumping agent and improves homogeneous fodder disintegration while mixing and ingesting feed.
• Increases daily growth and weight by improving feed conversion efficiency to increase healthy growth and development of bone tissue and structure.
• It absorbs all types of toxins and heavy metals if they are found in animal feed, zeolite helps in the disposal of animal waste.
• It improves bacterial activity in ruminants to enable animals to take advantage of the nutrients available in the feed and absorb gases and ammonia from the digestive system.
• It contributes to raising the percentage of production in the amount of eggs in poultry and strengthening the egg shell.
• It strengthens the immune system in animals against many dangerous diseases and reduces the occurrence of diarrhea and the problems caused by the animal’s digestive system.
• It reduces the emissions of ammonia from animal feces and prevents the occurrence of wet litter, thus improves air quality in animal pens.
X-Ray Diffraction Analyses for representative samples from some boreholes of the area
Ph-Phillipsite, He-Hematite, Cc-Calcite, Au-Augite, F-Feldspar, Fa-Faujasite, Ch: Chabazite, Sm-Smectite, G-Gypsum, Major: ***, Minor: **, Trace: *