The Main Uses of AMC Zeolite

Agricultural Uses

  • It is used as natural fertilizer to increase the yield of agricultural crops.
  • Used as a soil conditioner to modify its chemical and physical properties.
  • Saving irrigation water consumption in irrigated agriculture by 35-50%.
  • Used in feed mixtures for feeding animals, poulty and fish.
  • Used as agricultural pesticides and veterinary medicines.
  • Used to remove odors from animals and birds.

Industrial Uses

  • Manufacture of chemical detergents, washing powder and cleaning paste.
  • Introduces glass, rubber and paper industry.
  • Lightweight cement industry.
  • Enter into the electronic equipment industry as a compass for moisture.
  • Enter into porcelain industry.
  • Purification of natural gas and oil from moisture in wells and oil refineries.

Environmental Uses

  • Treatment of waste and atomic electrolytes.
  • Purify drinking water and clean water tanks from harmful metal electrolytes.
  • Treatment of metal waste.
  • Control odors.