Industrial Uses of AMC Zeolite

  • AMC Zeolite uses in the purification of natural gas. It has potential to separate some gases in oil wells and refineries such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and methane gas in the ground pockets … Each gram of AMC Zeolite works to remove 200 milligrams of sulfur dioxide and is also used to separate and purify gas mixtures.
  • AMC Zeolite used in petroleum refining operations and the separation of crude oil components into usable compounds for different purposes. By breaking the components of the crude into its original molecules through the distillation process through the distillation tower and filtering each of its components (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, cars, white oil, bitumen, etc.), so AMC Zeolite is used as a catalyst for some important reactions in the petrochemical field.
  • AMC Zeolite used as additional materials for the production of lightweight concrete and Portland cement due to its high ability to interact with lime.
  • AMC Zeolite used in the basic materials for the manufacture of washing powders where it enters the powder mixture by about 25-30% basically, in substitute for Trisodium polyphosphate.
  • AMC Zeolite used in pharmaceutical industries such as ointments, cures and antibiotics, also used in the work of structures of dental materials and some materials used as replacement prostheses for bones.