General Director

Hashem Ahamd Mohamed AL-Zubi


Doctor of Geochemical ,Environmental & Groundwater Geology


  1. Ph. Degree in Environmental Geology at Baghdad University Rep of Iraq (1997 – 2000). Title of Ph. D. Thesis:
    Environmental and Geochemical Aspects of Soil and Groundwater Resources in North – East Mafraq – Jordan.
  2. M. Sc. Degree in Geochemistry at the University of Jordan (1993 – 1996). Title of the M. Sc. Thesis:
    Geology, Petrology and Geochemistry of Granitoid Rocks in Wadi Es-Sabil Area in South Jordan.
  3. Higher Diploma Degree in Applied Geology and Mineralogy at the University of Jordan (1991 – 1993).
  4. B. Sc. Degree in Applied Geology at Damascus University – Rep of Syria (1979 – 1983).

Experience Record

1-Working Experience

  • Researcher in the Water and Environmental Research and Study Center of the University of Jordan (1984 – 1986).
  • Well – Site Geologist in Hamzeh Oil Field in Petroleum Dept. (NRA) (1986 – 1987).
  • Geochemist in arid zone environment (rock, stream, heavy mineral, water sampling and chemical analysis); (Geochemistry Dept NRA 1987 – 1997).
  • Researcher in environmental geochemistry of soil and groundwater resources. (Geochemistry Dept. NRA 1997 – 2000).
  • Teaching and Research Assistant at the Dept of Applied Geology and Environment, University of Jordan (1991 – 1996).
  • Teaching and Research Assistant at the Dept of Geology and Environment, Baghdad University, Rep. of Iraq (1997 – 2000).
  • Teaching Assistant at the princess Alia Collage Al – Balqa Applied University, Amman (1996).

2-Good experience in using computer in the evaluation of geochemical, hydrochemical and hydrogeological information (Geochemical, Hydrochemical and Hydrogeological Modeling).3-Good experience in geochemistry of soil salinity and environmental aspects of desertification process.

4-Tutorial at the Dept of Water Resources and Environmental Management, Faculty of Agricultural Technology & Princess Rahma, Al-Balqa Applied University, Salt (2000-2006).

5- Head of Quarry & Mining Environment Division (2004-2006).

6- Director of Quarry & Mining Directorate at NRA (2006-2007).

7- Head of Geochemistry Division (2007-2011).

8- Consultant for Cement Material for Al-Unzemah Maintenance & Operation Company (2006-2008).

9- Executive Manager for Taadeen Cement Production Company (2008-2010).

10-During my work at (NRA), I got a good experience in different related fields of many geochemical projects are listed below:

  • Project Head of Rare Earth Elements.
  • Project Head of detailed geochemical studies.
  • Project of oil exploration in Azraq – Hamzeh oil field.
  • Project of uranium exploration in Jordan with International Atomic Energy Agency and U.K.
  • Project of gold prospecting in Wadi Araba Area.

11- Supervisor on a number of M Sc Thesis in Jordan Universities (AL ALBHIT, AL-HASHEMIA, AL-BALQA APPLIED).

12- Adviser to the President Greater Salt Municipality for development and the environment (2009-2010).

13- Consultant and Expert to the Belad – Asham Cement Company for the row mixed material, AMMAN, JORDAN (2006-2010).

14- Consultant and Expert to the United Company for Mining and quarrying investment, CAIRO, EGYPT (2010-2011).

15- Consultant and Expert to the Wadi Al- Rawda Company for Mining, DUBI, UEA (2017-2018).

16- Scientific advisor to Jordanian Association of Stone & Marble Exporters JOSTONE, AMMAN, JORDAN (2004-2017).

17- Trainer at the Jordanian Environment Academy. Training courses in Yemen (2010-2015).

18- Expert in technical arbitration in the mining sector in the Jordanian courts, AMMAN, JORDAN (2014-2017).

19- Director of Lab Directorate at MEMR (2018).

20- Director of Geology Directorate at MEMR until the end of my government service on 1/1/2019.

Training Courses

Attending in organizing the following local and international training courses:

  • Training course on uranium exploration held in NRA with cooperation of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and BGS (1988).
  • Training course on geochemical prospecting method held in former Czechoslovakia, August, 15 Th. – Oct. 15 Th. 1989 with cooperation of Geochem CSSR UNESC.
  • Training course on using and analyses of topographical and geological maps held in Amman (NRA) with cooperation of the British Geological Survey (BGS) supervision. (1990).
  • Course on writing technical report at the Institute of Research Consulting Center, University of Jordan (1990).
  • Course on technology of gold exploration in Amman (NRA) with cooperation of the Arab Mining Company and UNESCO (1992).
  • Course on evaluation of scientific reports (Geochemical interpretation data reports held in France – BRGM 8/1 – 6/2/ 1994).
  • Course on remote sensing application and interpretation of data in Amman (NRA) with cooperation with BGS (1994).
  • Course on environmental geology in Amman (NRA) with cooperation with BGS (1995).
  • Course in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) held at Al-Balqa Applied University (1999).
  • Training course on rehabilitation of marble quarries held in Spain, 12-18/3/2006
  • Training course on Synchrotron-light held in Italia, 25-29/8/2005.


Arabic: native language.

English: good.


1- Geochemistry of Uranium in Sedimentary Rocks in south Jordan 1990.

2- Technology of Gold Exploration, NRA, 1992.

3- Geochemical Orientation Survey of South Jordan (1992).

4- Geochemical Evaluation of Analyses of NRA Labs (1992).

5- Geochemical and Mineral Exploration of Aqaba – Araba complex, with cooperation of BRGM and NRA staffs (1994).

6-Geochemistry of Basement Complex in South Jordan joints project with cooperation of NRA and BRGM staffs, France (1995).

7- M.Sc. Thesis in Geology, Petrology and Geochemistry of Granitoid Rocks Wadi in Es-Sabil Area South Jordan. University of Jordan (1996).

8- Geochemistry of Zirconium and Rare Earth Elements in South Jordan (1997).

9- Ph. D. Thesis in Environmental and Geochemical Aspects of Soil and Groundwater Resources in North East Mafraq – Jordan University of Baghdad – Rep. of Iraq (2000).

10- Determination of Groundwater Resources Using Environmental Isotope in N-E Mafraq – Jordan (2001).

11- Hydrochemical Modeling of Groundwater Resources in N-E Badia – Jordan (2001).

12- Geology and Geochemistry of Granite Rocks in Wadi Al-Sabil Area –South West – Jordan (2001).

13- Geochemical Characteristics of the Dead Sea black Mud and its Relation to the Curative Power (2003).

14- Geochemical Exploration of Gold and Minerals in Wadi Sabra Southwest Jordan (2003).

15- Late- and post-orogenic Neoproterozoic intrusions of Jordan: implications for crustal growth in the northernmost segment of the East African Origen, Precambrian Research 123 (2003) 295-319, ELSEVIER.

16- New Discovery of Fe – Mn Mineralization along Abu Asal Fault Dead Sea Area, Central Jordan. ISSN 2224-3216 (Paper) ISSN 2225-0948 (Online)Vol.6, No.6, 2016 Journal of Environment and Earth Science.

17- Geochemical Exploration and Prospecting for Lithium Minerals in south Jordan, Internal Report, MEMAR (2017).

18- Geochemical Characteristics of the Phosphogypsum tiles in Aqaba Area, Internal Report, MEMAR (2017).

19- Geochemistry exploration for REE, RE & Precious metals in Dubaydib Area – South Jordan (2019).

20- Geological reserve of REE, RE & Precious metals in Wadi Al Mazarab area –South Jordan (2019).

21- Exploring Lithium Element in Various Rock Types in Southern Jordan 2019.

22- Exploring Lithium Element in Dead Sea Water 2019.